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See what past clients have to say:

Tracey and her methods worked wonders for our foster (fail!), Miss Izzy. It feels almost impossible to turn a dog around with severe separation anxiety. Tracey made a unique plan of action for Izzy and stayed in close communication every step of the way. She was quick to answer questions or concerns and helped us stay on course. It’s an ongoing process that at first feels daunting, but Tracey was able to break it down into simple steps that anyone with patience and love for their pet can do.  I’m happy to say that Miss Izzy is calmer and a much happier dog than when we first took her in. That is all anyone can hope for their pet. Thank you Tracey!

Anna and Alex, New Jersey

Tracey’s knowledge, expertise and responsiveness were critical in helping us work with our foster, Lexi,  through her severe separation  anxiety. Tracey put together a training program by creating daily training plans with step by step instructions, very easy to follow. Throughout the entire time Tracey was coaching and supporting us whenever we needed it and adjusting the plan based on our Lexi's progress. As a result, our Lexi became more comfortable with being home alone, progressing from zero tolerance of staying alone, pacing anxiously all over the house and barking uncontrollably to being ok to stay by herself for one hour (so far!) and laying down relaxed waiting for us to get back. 
Danusia T. - New Jersey
 I thought Tracey was excellent. Very calm, knowledgeable and clear in explaining the process and the importance and relevance of each of the areas which she tailored and explained for Dougal’s personality. She answered all my queries both written and in our zoom call and I definitely feel more equipped for moving forward. I also think there are going to be many grateful dog owners out there who will be able to benefit from Tracey's expertise and support.
Lesley G. - Scotland
Judy Felton-2_edited.jpg
 I work at HRA/St Hubert’s Animal Welfare in an administrative position. A few years ago, Roxie was surrendered to our shelter due to extreme separation anxiety. She had done damage in her previous homes when left alone and her adoption options were very limited.  Tracey, a trainer and specialist on our Behavior Team, began taking her home on her days off to work the separation protocol with her. On the days she worked, she asked me if I would let Roxie spend time in my office with me as she was very afraid to be alone even in the busy shelter. Once she began making progress with the departure exercises, I began taking her home as well for a few weeks where she met my dogs, and we continued doing departure training. So long story short, with the help and guidance of Tracey, we were able to slowly acclimate Roxie to our home and family and can now leave her alone with no issues. She really is a wonderful member of our family and I owe it to Tracey for all of her help in getting Roxie to where she is today.
Judy F. - New Jersey
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