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A little about Me

I've always been completely enamored with everything "dog" and have had the blessing of them in my life since a young child. I was lucky to be able to leave an unstimulating job in the corporate world to begin working with dogs at a large, private shelter as a Canine Behavior Specialist.  I'm dedicated to force-free, positive reinforcement training and helped hundreds of dogs over the years overcome behavioral challenges and successfully move on to their new forever homes.   I began focusing on Separation Anxiety when I saw dogs being surrendered to the shelter because of it. I thought how heartbreaking it was that these families felt like they had no choice but to relinquish their beloved dog.  I knew I wanted to help this segment of dog owners the most so they could help their dog, keep their dog, and also get their own freedom back.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer -Knowledge Assessed   (CPDT-KA)
Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (Cert. SAPT)
Fear Free Shelter Certification

I continually strive to increase my knowledge of dog behavior, and dog training in general.  Below are just a small sample of some of the courses, seminars, conferences etc. I have participated in :

Aggression in Dogs Conference
Aggression in Dogs: Defensive Handling & Training
Dogs Playing for Life
Separation Anxiety Shadowing Program
Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer Program
IAABC Shelter Behavior Mentorship
National Council on Pet Population Behavior Symposium

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