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I understand how frustrating, overwhelming and isolating it is to have a dog with separation anxiety is.  If you're ready to help change your dog's feelings about being home alone,  to stop feeling like a prisoner in your own home, and to save money on day care, dog sitters etc. then I can help you with a training plan specifically geared toward your dog.

See below for the service option that will work best for you
or contact me here to schedule a free 15-30 minute info call to help you determine that.


Service Options


Our services start with a free 15-30 minute Initial Consult Call to discuss your dog's current needs and baseline assessment.  We will determine whether he truly has Separation Anxiety or just a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) which can mimic separation related behaviors. 

We will discuss the program method and details and what it will require from you.  Essentially the requirements are:

  • Commitment to Training (just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week)

  • Suspend your absences so your dog never goes over his threshold

  • Patience (it's a marathon, not a sprint)

  • A strong desire to help your dog and help you to gain some freedom back!

After the Initial Consult, if you and your dog are a good fit for the program, you can then choose a  package from 1 to 6 weeks depending how much support you desire.   (8 weeks is also available for those who know you're in this for the long haul and want the best discount). 

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Furry Dog
Cute Poodle
Two dogs

One Week Starter Package

For those who want to check out how the process works before committing further.

  • Consists of one 60 min Live coaching session via Zoom, 5 custom training plans for the week, unlimited coaching and support 8am-8pm via text/email, access to the Be Right Back training app.

(or $115 to continue for a 2nd week)

Two Week Starter Package

​For those who want to learn and try the program for more than one week

  • Same as the one week package but for two weeks.   


    (or $230 to continue for 2 more weeks)                 


Four Week Support  Package

​For those who want coaching with extended support

  • Same as the one week package but for four consecutive weeks  

  • Video review of your sessions - 2 per week 

    (or $415 to continue for another 4 weeks)                        


Six Week Support Package

​For those who are ready to dive in for the long haul


  • Same as the one week package but for six consecutive weeks  

  • Video review of your sessions - 2 per week 


    (or $610 to continue for another 6 weeks)                        


What happens after my chosen package ends?

In most cases separation anxiety is not cured in 6 weeks so continued training will be required. How you continue is entirely up to you!   I have a few options or we can always discuss something more custom for you. 

  • Continue with the same package at a reduced rate or choose a different package

  • Continue with a 2 or 4 week "light" package which includes just the customized training plans and unlimited email/text support (no live coaching sessions)

  • Continue with access to the Be Right Back app to set your own training exercises without trainer support

But don't worry about that right now!  Just know you have options.  The important thing now is to just take that first step and get started!

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