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Training your dog with separation anxiety to be calm, cool and collected when left home alone

Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety when left alone at home? Is he barking, whining, destroying things, possibly hurting himself?  Separation anxiety is hard for us as dog owners to witness and to feel like a prisoner in our own home, but it's even harder for your dog who is experiencing it.  But there is hope, and I can help!

Together we can help your dog feel calm at home alone, and get your life back!

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Do what works!

Do you feel like you've tried everything to fix your dog's separation anxiety?  Such as calming chews, diffusers, anxiety wraps, letting him bark it out, etc.


You've probably realized by now that these quick fixes do not work.  Why?  Because your dog isn't purposefully being disobedient. It's because he has a panic disorder, a real phobia about being home alone.  And these quick fixes don't get to the root of your dog's panic. 


So don't waste your time and money on methods and products that don't work. Don't listen to the bad advice of friends and family, even though they mean well.

Use the only science-based, evidence-based, proven method that's used to treat human phobias and help your dog overcome his phobia of being home alone. This is desensitization, gradually exposing him to tiny amounts of alone time.  Maybe you tried this too and it didn't work?  It's more likely you tried it without being given the rules. It has to be done right so your dog learns it's safe to be home alone. If done wrong, you risk never making progress or even making your dog's fear worse.


 What does it take?  With my guidance, this method is easy to follow and understand, but it will still take time and commitment. So if you have a strong desire to get your freedom back and free your pup from his separation anxiety, let's get started and contact me now for a free 15-30 minute initial consult!

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